Thursday, August 31, 2006

Intelligence, neo-liberalism/socialism and sex.


1. There is a positive correlation between neo-liberalism and intelligence.

Strongly Favor Wage Laws: 5.17 Wordsum
In Favor: 5.71 Wordsum
Neither: 5.80 Wordsum
Against: 6.45 Wordsum
Strongly Against: 6.88 Wordsum

2. Females are more likely to be socialists than males.

27 % Males favor Wage Laws, 28 % Females.
19 % Males do not have a position, 25 % Females.
54 % Males against Wage laws, 47 % Females.

3. Male intelligence and female intelligence is very similar.

WORDSUM: 5.94 For Males
WORDSUM: 6.03 For Females

(WORDSUM is a test of verbal intelligence)

Inevitable Outcome:

Male socialists will be less intelligent than female socialists.
Male capitalists will be less intelligent than female capitalists.

Even if we take in account the 0.07 WORDSUM difference.

There might be exceptions in specific categories, but if we take fewer groups (by taking categories together) the relationship will hold.


WORDSUM, by sex and economic position:

At least in Favor of Wage Control 5.46 (Males), 5.62 (Females)
No Position 5.68 (Males), 5.87 (Females)
At least against Wage Control 6.52 (Males), 6.63 (Females)

This wasn't very important, just a little funny statistical effect.

Results probably would be similar if I also looked at price control instead of wage control.

Most neo-liberal variables are correlated with intelligence, with the exception of scientific research subsidiaries.

This is the result of a political survey taken by an high IQ group:

Here is a bold prediction:

Males who did not complete college are smarter than females who did not complete college.
Males with a college diploma are smarter than females with a college diploma.

(Source: GSS data)


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